Airtel Working Proxies September 2014

Airtel Working Proxies September 2014
airtel tricks 2014

Hello Friends!
This Is Freetrickz,And Today I'm Coming With Some Of The 100% Working Proxies For Airtel.These Proxies Are Working Very Well In Tamilnadu With Good Speed And Downloading With Resume Supported Too.And One More Thing Try All These Proxies With Zero Or Low Balance.If You Use These Proxies In High Balance,Balance Deduction Like Problems Will Occur.So Use These Airtel Proxies With Low Balance.

So Friends Here Is The List Of Working Airtel Proxies For Septmber 2014:-

1. Or
2. or or

Also You Can Try These New Proxies.They Are Working Too.


How To Use These Proxies?

For Mobile :

First Goto Your Mobiles Settings And Configuration Then Follow These Steps.

Step 1 : Create A New Web Config.

Config. Name : Freetrickz Or Any

Step 2 : Enter "" As Your Homepage
Step 3 : Enter Proxy Adress

Ex. If You Use Then Enter Proxy Address As

Step 4 : Set Port As 80
Step 5 : Set Apn As " Or"
Step 6 : Save The Settings And Exit.

Then Open Your Default Browser And Open Home Page.A Page Will Open.In The "Enter URL" Field Enter Your Desired Web Or Wap Address And Browse.
Downloads Also Possible In Above Proxies.

For Pc :

Follow Below Steps
Firefox Browser Is Highly Recommended For Using Proxy Tricks In Pc.Because It Is User Friendly And Easy To Use.

Step 1 : Open Firefox And Go To Options.

gprs tricks

Step 2 : Goto "Advanced" Tab"

free gprs tricks

Step 3 : Click On "Network" Tab"

gprs tricks 2014

Step 4 : Click On "Settings"

free gprs tricks

Step 5 : Check "Use Manual Proxy Configuration"

airtel tricks

Step 6 : Set Like Below

proxy tricks

Use Any Of Above Proxies All Proxies Are Working FIne...These Proxies Are Working 100% And Tested By Me.

If You Have Any Doubts...Just Comment Below...

Ashok Kumar

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