New Airtel 3G Opera Mini Handler Trick For September 2014

Airtel 3G Opera Mini Handler Trick For September 2014

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Hello Friends Now I'm Coming With A New Airtel 3G Opera Mini Handler Trick For Everyone.This Trick Is Working Well In Tamilnadu And This Trick Is Personally Tested By Me.So Try This Airtel 3G Opera Mini Handler Trick In Your State And Post A Comment Below About This Trick.

Airtel 3G Handler Trick Sep 2014 : 

First Download Opera Mini Handler From Below Links

Opera Mini Handler For Java Users Download Here
Opera Handler For Android Users Download Here

Then Create Settings Like Below : 

For Java Users : 

For Java Create A New Internet Profile

Profile Name - Freetrickz Or Any
Proxy - Or Or
Port - 80

Or You Can Download .Prov Files Here Prov1 Prov2 Prov3

If You Have Any Problems With Above Steps Just Comment Below...

For Android Users : 

First Goto Settings And Create A New Mobile Access Point With Below Configuraion

Proxy - Or Or
Port - 80
Apn -

Then Save The Settings And Exit...

Now Here Is The Trick...

Open Your Handler And Put Front Query As ""(without quotes)

That's It.Now Save The Configuration Settings And Exit.
After Initialization Enjoy 3G Speed Airtel Free Internet...One More Thing,This Trick Gives Over 250 Kbps In Tamilnadu...Check This In Your State Too

Ashok Kumar

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  2. HIiii bro intha trick supera work akuthu yavalu varaikkum net free ya use panlam sim block akuma bro