Blogger Help - Enable Comments In Your Blog post!

Blogger Help - Enable Comments In Your Blog Post

Hello Guys!
Today I'm Coming With A Blogger Help Post For Enabling Comments In Your Blog Post.Because Comments Are The Most Important Thing In A Blog.So I Decided To Post This Blogger Tip For My Loyal Visitors.If You Are Struggling With This Blogger's Comment Problem,This Is The Time To Clear The Problem.(Personally I Faced This Problem Before So...I'm Posting This Post).

Cause Of The Problem : 

If You Are Using Google+ Profile In Your Blog Then Google+ Comments Are Automatically Enabled To Your Blog.If One Of Your Blog Reader Trying to Post Some Query's Or Suggestions About That Post.He Is Posting A Comment And It Coming To Your Moderation,After You Moderated The Comment And Published It...No Comments In That Post?!

Because Your Normal Blogger Comment Option Is Disabled And Your Blog Only Show Google+ Comment.To Get Rid Of This Problem just follow The Steps

Step 1 : Goto Your Blog's "Google+ Tab"

blogger tricks 2014

Step 2 : Uncheck "Use Google+ Comments In This Blog"

blogger tricks

After That,It Will Look Like Below...

blogger tricks

Step 3 : Now Goto to "Settings -> Posts And Comments" And Do Like Mentioned Below Image

blogger tips 2014

Step 4 : That's It.Now Save The Settings.

blogger tips 2014
All Are Done.Now Your Blog Comments Will Show Properly In Your Blog Post.

If You Have Any Query's Just Comment Below.

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