100% Working Front Query Trick For Airtel

Airtel Front Query Trick August 2014 : -

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Hello friends!
Today i'm posting a 100% working front query trick for Airtel.Its working flawlessly in tamilnadu.And personally tested by me.

Here is the trick : -

First create a new settings in your mobile.

Account Name : Freetrickz Or FQ Trick Or Any
Proxy :
Port : 80
APN : Airtelgprs.com Or 3gfun.com
Home Page : Free Ip cgi-bin//nph-proxy.cgi/00/http

Some of Airtel Free Ip's : 

Now.Save the settings And open Any Handler.

Now Put Front Query As Airtellive.com/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/00/http
Or Download Below Prov FIle

Install It In Your Mobile and enjoy free internet...

Any doubts about this just Comment Below...

Ashok Kumar

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