vodafone free gprs trick december 2012

Hai guys! After a long time i'm back with a new free gprs trick.this trick is based on dot trick. This trick is 100% working in vodafone. This trick is tested by me in tamilnadu working in zero balance too. So try this trick! Step 1: set vodafon live as your defaul internet profile. Step 2: open your wap browser. Step 3: goto address and enter below url. Http://Live.vodafone.com.mediacf.com. Step 4: wait for few second url bar will appear. Step 5: enter any url u want to go and download unlimitedly. Enjoy this vodafone free gprs trick and comment below if u have any doubts. Tags: vodafone free gprs tricks,vodafone tricks 2012,vodafone 3g trick december 2012

Ashok Kumar

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