Tata Docomo Free VPN Trick June 2012

Tata Docomo Free Vpn Trick For June 2012

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Just Follow The Steps To Get Docomo Free Gprs  Trick:

Step 1 : Just Click Here To Register Pd Proxy

Step 2 : Then Download The Pd Proxy VPN Client From Here

Step 3 : Then Open Pd Proxy Folder And Install Pd Proxy In Your Computer

Step 4 :  Choose "Demo Server" And "Udp"

Step 5 : Then Enter Your User Name And Password

Step 6 : Now Goto Settings And Click On "Show Advanced Settings"

Step 7 :  Choose "Proto Option"

Tcp Server Port : 443

Udp Port : 9201

Local Port : 53

Step 8 : Now The Settings And Click "Connect"

Enjoy 100Mb Free Docomo Gprs From This Docomo Vpn Trick...

Ashok Kumar

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