Reliance Free Gprs Tricks|Working Reliance Free Gprs|New Reliance Tricks June 2012

Reliance Free Gprs Trick June 2012

reliance fee 3g

Hi Friends , Reliance Gprs hacked again , This Gprs trick is working in all circle.

Here is procedure to hack Rs 99 gprs plan and get 2.5 GB data free for 30 days

Make sure your account balance is low , in case of failure

First go to this link

Submit your Name and mobile no. (enter mobile no. starting with 0)

you will receive a pin via sms on your mobile

Activate your plan using this link

Enter your mobile no. and pin, its done. you will receive a successful activation message of your Gprs plan

Now you can enjoy free internet surfing and downloading on your mobile and PC

For Gprs setting of Reliance you can check this post

Ashok Kumar

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