Idea Free 3G Gprs Trick|Working Idea Free 3G Gprs Trick|Idea Free 3G Gprs Trick June 2012

Idea Working Free Gprs Trick June 2012 

Free idea 3g for mobile


Hey Guys Freetrickz Back Again With A New Idea Free Gprs Trick For This June 2012.This Trick Is Working In Many States Of India.But This Trick Is Only Valid For 1 Day.Want More Idea Free Gprs Tricks Click Here...

Here Is The Procedure For Idea Free Gprs Trick:

Step 1: Keep Ur Balance Below 1Rs.

Step 2:Now Just Dial This Number With Your Idea Mobile


Step 3:Then You Will Get An Confirmation Message For Activation Of Your 20MB 3G Data.

Step 4:Repeat This For Getting More Free Idea 3G Data.

Enjoy Idea Free Gprs With Freetrickz....

Ashok Kumar

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