Mobile Tricks 2012_Check Your Friends Balance

Check Your Friends Mobile Balance With A Trick:

know your friends balance

Today Freetrickz Posting A New Trick For Checking Your Friends Mobile Balance.Previously Freetrickz Posted Number Of Gprs Tricks Posts.So This Time Posting This Trick.

Friends Balance Checking Trick:

Just Dial Below Numbers With Your Mobile Network Operators.Now Freetrickz Posting This Trick For Airtel,Docomo,Idea And BSNL.

For Airtel : 09810198101 (if pin needed just enter this number "1234")

For Docomo : 09040012345 or 07737012345

For Idea : 09824012345

For Bsnl : 9415100123 (this number is working only in UP)

After Dialing Above Numbers Choose Your Language.Now Tou're In.Enter Your Friends Mobile Number For Know His Balance.

Try This Trick With Low Balance.Avoid Balance Deduction.Enjoy This Trick.

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Ashok Kumar

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