Airtel Tricks 2012_Two New Working Airtel Hosts

New Airtel Hosts
airtel hosts 2012

Hey Friends!

Now Freetrickz Posting Two New Working Airtel Hosts For Handlers And Proxy Tricks.These Airtel Hosts Are 100% Working In Tamil Nadu.These Are The Highspeed Hosts For Airtel.All Airtel Gprs Tricks Are Blocked But This Airtel Proxy Trick Is Still Working.Try Out.

Airtel New Hosts April 2012:

These Airtel Hosts Are Tested And 100% Working.Try This And Leave Comments If You Have Any Doubts.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Working in realhost but we cannot download in ucbrowser

  2. Oh Great Jauhar.Soon I Will Ucweb Downloading Tricks With Real Host.

  3. Bro 2nd host is not working
    but 1st is working but speed is slow
    Airtel block most of servers :(

  4. Thanx am waiting 4 downloading trick

  5. plzz upload vodafone gprs trick...

  6. not work in haryana... plz provide frend

  7. Ya Sure Rishabh! Soon I Will Post Vodafone Gprs Tricks...

  8. Hey Guys!
    If Above Hosts Are Not Working for You Then Try "" in handlers and proxy home page.