Latest Aircel 3G Gprs Trick|Working Aircel Free Gprs Trick 2012

Aircel Free Gprs Tricks Marh 2012

Hi friends,This is my first guest post for this blog,I hope u will like my post.Today iam posting a brand new trick for Aircel 3g in March.After my prvious post Aircel secure its firewall and loophole.But now we find again a loop hole in aircel.So without wasting the time here is steps to use unlimited Aircel 3G

  • Create a new configuration setting

  • Account name/ configuration name as Aircel or whatever you want

  • Access point name[APN] as aircelwap

  • Homepage as or whatever website you want

  • Proxy as

  • Port as 80              

  • Note:-Please note that this trick is working only some parts of india.try in your state and give comments :-           

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    sunil thakur

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    1. it works fine bro..thanx working in chandigarh
      giving me 200+ kb/sec speed :-)