Bsnl Free SMS Tricks 2012_New Message Center Numbers For Bsnl March 2012

Bsnl Free Message Center Number 2012

Hi All!

After A Long Time Freetrickz Once Again Coming With A New Bsnl Trick.This Is The Trick For Sending Free SMS To Other Numbers Without Any Message Packs On Bsnl.That Means No Need To Activate Any Message Or Special Packs.

This Trick Is Working 100% For All Bsnl Users

For Getting Free Bsnl Sms Trick Follow The Steps:

Free Bsnl SMS Trick:

First You Need To Add "+0091" Before Any Local Mobile Number You Want To Send Message

Here Is The Bsnl Free Message Center Numbers




These Are Working 100% For Me Try One Of It.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. ?yar first aur last vale sms centre se sms send ni hote aur second vale se normal charge lg ra h. Kya kru.

  2. Hi Vipin!

    Try That With Low Balance...