Airtel Opera Mini Hnadler Trick_Working Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick For TN Users April 2012

New Working Airtel Opera Mini Trick April 2012



Hi Friends!

In This Post Freetrickz Posting A New Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick For April 2012.This Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick Is Working 100% In Tamilnadu.Try This Trick Also In Your State.

Airtel Working Opera Mini Handler Trick April 2012:

First Download Opera Mini 6.5 Handler Ui From Here [Download Here]

Then Set  MO Or Airtel Live Settings As Default In Your Mobile.

Run The Opera Mini Handler.

After A Menu Screen Will Appear.Scroll Down.

Select Proxy Type As "Real Host".And Put Proxy Server As "" Or ""

Then Save The Configuration And Run The Handler.

It Will Take Few Seconds to Initialize.Then Enjoy Airtel Free Gprs.This Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick Is Tested By Me In Tamilnadu.

Leave Comments If You Have Any Doubts.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Working bro, But downloading is not starting...

  2. @Mohd [Download Here] That Is The Download Link

  3. @seeni balaji Machi Its Working FIne In Karur.

  4. its nt getting initialized.. am frm coimbatore... :(

  5. Use As Proxy server All My Friends

  6. More Proxy Servers For Handler Apps

  7. @seeni

    Try this one
    proxy type:http
    proxy (or)

  8. its not working in thiruvallur

  9. dude wrking perfect in TN :D tanqq... is wrking.. not :(... gr8 bro tanx a lot.. ill keep visitng :D and try for vpn wit torrent support bro :)

  10. Try As Proxy Server Dark Fire!

  11. @dark Fire Thnx machi keep visit

  12. real host feature work with s60 not s40

  13. Thanks Azeem!
    Keep Visit Freetrickz For More New Updated Tricks