Airtel Gprs Tricks 2012|Airtel Working Proxies|New Working AIrteel Proxy With SSL Support

Airtel Working Proxies 2012

Hi Friends!

On My Previous Post New Android VPN Trick 2012.In This Post I'm Posting Some New Working Proxies For March 2012....

Airtel Working Proxies March 2012:

For Getting Airtel Free Gprs Trick First Make A New Config. Settings In your Mobile

Config. Name: Freetrickz

Proxy: or

Port: 80


Home Page: (or)

This Proxy Is 100%  Working.Leave Comments If Any Doubts...Keep Visit Freetrickz For New Updates.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. bro can we open facebook by this in pc

  2. Yes Alex.Also You Can Use Gmail With This Proxy...

  3. bhai koi opera handler kae liyae new trick btaoo plz. real host aur airtelworld sae browsing ho ja rahi hae par download nahi hoo raha hae ;'(

  4. when i open on pc tha net will disconnected. why ? is there any tricks to use this proxy on pc.... please please help me my number is 7501076421

  5. when i want to open using this proxy on my pc internet connection disconnected automatically..why ? is there any trick to open using this proxy ? please please help me i am from w.b mob-7501076421

  6. hey bro,
    plz help me. I dont know why, but proxy tricks never work for me not only for airtel but for any provider. I live in Kanpur(UP). I type the proxies, port, and the homepages in their respesctive fields in my mobile settings but they never work. Also i tried both sathik vpn 5.0 and open vpn provided by u(also the special modified by u) but none worked for me though they are working for whole India.
    Plz reply fst or can we chat at FB.
    PLZ help me

    1. Oh Sad!
      Where You From ZCFZC?
      I WIll Help You In Fb.

  7. If Above Proxies Are Not Working Try This Post More Airtel Proxies

  8. im frm west bengal, malda. and in my village 3g not available. i use a beetel modem in my windows7. plz help me to get free working gprs in any service provider. I cant found a working trick to get free gprs in this whole site and google too... :(

    1. @Tushar Try Some Vpn's Bro.May Be Cproxy Will Work For You.

  9. Ashok plz give me a working Airtel 3G trick on PC..

  10. @Sasl As Soon As I Will Give You