Airtel Free Gprs Tricks 2012_Some More Working Proxies For March 2012

More Working Proxies For March 2012

Hello Guys!

On The Previous Post Freetrickz Posted A New Working Airtel Proxy Trick,And This Post Freetrickz Posting Some More Proxies For Free Airtel Gprs.These Proxies Are Working Fine In Tamil Nadu Try It In Your State

More Airtel Working Proxies:





Some More Proxies For You:

Try All Above Proxies And Leave Comments If You Have Any Doubts.Keep Visit Freetrickz

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Where to enter there proxies? Please give a example

  2. Hi neil!
    are you using mobile?

  3. hi using samsung galaxy r

    tried turbohide but its using my data plan

    what to do

  4. Try These Proxies With Low Balance Vineet!
    If You Activated A Gprs Pck Do Not Connect Net WIth This Trick!