Airtel 3G Tricks 2012_Working Vnap Net Buster Trick For March 2012

Airtel 3G Tricks March 2012

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On The Last Post Freetrickz Posted A New 3G Proxy Trick For March 2012.And This Post Freetrickz Brings You A New Working Airtel 3G Trick For Pc.This Trick Is Working On Both 2G And 3G.It Gives Rocking Speed In 3G So Use It With 3G.

Here Is The New Working Airtel 3G Trick:

First You Need To Download Framework From Here --FrameWork v4.0--

Then Follow These Steps:

Step 1 : Just Download The Vnap Net Buster From This Link -- Vnap Net Buster Pro --

Step 2 : Download The Full Airtel 3G Trick Guide From The Link -- Full Airtel 3G Trick --

Step 3 : Follow The Instructions

Step 4 : Enjoy Free Unlimited Airtel 3G

This Trick Is Working In All States So Don't Forgot To Enjoy Airtel Free 3G.

This March Rocking For Airtel User's.Keep Visit Freetrickz For New Updated Tricks And Tips.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. its not working in delhi bro....

  2. I want to know..
    1)its use in 0 balance or wana use net pack...
    2.gv me tat proxy addres tat u use wit port 80
    3..tat back query common for al?proxy?..

    1. @rahul karthi

      Use It In 0 Bal

      Try with Port 80


  3. Wat proxy to use..gv me direct one

  4. Try unknown bro

  5. hey bro this trick is not working for me...

    give me some new back queries and proxy...

  6. post any vpn trick for delhi. . .

  7. Use In Proxy And Port 80