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Aircel 10p/Min Trick For March 2012

Hi Friends!

Due To The Exams I'm Unable To Post Some Working Tricks In Freetrickz Blog.But Today Free So,I'm Posting A New Aircel Trick For Aircel Rate Cutter.This Trick Will Make Your Call Rates To 10 Paise Per Minute For Aircel To Aircel Numbers For 3Months.Try This Trick And Reply Me.

Aircel Trick For March 2012

This Trick Is Given By Aircel And Its Also Free Of Cost.

Just Follow These Steps To Make Aircel To Aircel 10p/Min Calls:

Step 1 : First Open Your Message And Goto "Write Message"

Step 2 : Then Type And Send Like Below Format

Send "PORT Ur.Mobile No." To "1900"

For Example: "PORT 9788555858" And Send It To "1900"

It Will Cost 0.50 Paise

Step 4 : Wait For Two Days

After Two Days One Of The Aircel Customer Care Officers Will Call You .Then He Will Activate Aircel 10p/Min Pack For You.

If This Trick Is Working For You Leave A Comment Or Keep In Touch With Facebook And Twitter.

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