Aircel 3G Tricks 2012|Aircel Free Gprs Tricks 2012|Freetrickz Exclusive Working Aircel Trick March 2012

Freetrickz Exclusive Working Aircel 3G Tricks For March 2012

Hi Friends!

Today Freetrickz Posting A New Aircel 3G Trick.This Trick Is Working In Both Aircel 2G And 3G.This Trick Is Working 100% In Tamilnadu.Tested By Me.When i Trying This Trick My Aircel Balance Is Only 0.19 Paise.So Try This Trick When Your Balance Is Below 20 paise.Downloading Also Possible In This Aircel Free Gprs Trick.Browsing Speed Is Good.So,Try This Trick In Your Area And Reply Me...

Aircel Free 3G Tricks March 2012:


Create A New Internet Profile In Your Mobile

Account Name : Freetrickz


Proxy :

Port : 8081

You Can Also Use This Trick For Open Any Web Or Wap Page.And Download Any Files From Any Wap Or Web Site.

Keep Visit Freetrickz For More New Updated Trickz...

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. its work only in 2g mode..!!!!!!!!!! :-(
    pls give me 3g trick bro..

  2. Wait Onkar I Will Post AIrcel 3G Tricks Soon!