Reliance Tricks 2012_Free Reliance Missed Call Alert Tricks 2012

 Free Reliance Missed Call Alert Trick

Hi Friends!

Today I'm Coming With A New Reliance Free Missed Alert Trick.This Reliance Free Missed Alert Trick Is Working In All Over India...

Here Is The Trick To Activate reliance Miss Call Alert For Free:

Free Reliance Missed Call Alert Trick:

Just dial "*62*+9180856#" or divert your call (when not reachable)

to +9180856 from your mobile's "call settings" menu.

(+9180856 is Free miss call alert center number for reliance user)

You're Done It!

To check it it is working or not

*Switch off your phone

*Call from another number

*Now start your mobile

*You will get free miss call alert sms.

And one more thing one you have call you when your phone is switched off or out of reach will also get
A message that this no. is now available when you switched on your phone

Enjoy free missed call alert from reliance...

Working on high balance tooo..

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