Reliance Free Gprs Tricks 2012_Free Reliance Gprs Trick Using Opera Mini Handler

Reliance Free Gprs Tricks 2012

Hello My Friends!

After My Last Post Airtel Ucweb 7.2 Handler Trick,Now I'm Coming With A New Reliance Free Gprs Trick Using Opera Mini Handler.

In This Trick I'm Getting Over 25-30Kbps In Tamilnadu...

Try This Trick In Your State.


Here Is The Reliance Free Gprs Trick:

First Download Opera Mini 6.5 Handler From ->HERE<- 
Download Opera Mini 5.1 Handler From ->HERE<-

After The Downloading Then Create A New Profile In Your Mobile

Profile Name: Freetrickz


Port: 80

Apn: rcomnet

Home Page:


**Run Opera Mini 6.5,5.1 Handler In Your Mobile

**Then Scroll Down

**On The Type Back Query's Given Below On The Back Query Field




That's It You're Done!

Your Reliance Gprs Is Free Now.Enjoy Free Reliance Gprs...
This Trick Give's Rocking Speed In 2G.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Bhai reliance me to 0 bal. Me internet connect hi ni hota h.....this trick is not working

  2. how to create a profile in where explain me plz

  3. That Means Creating A New Personal Configuration Settings For Gprs @eliyas

  4. In Back Query that codes are type with space or without space

  5. Thanks its working. tell me any free net for reliance when connecting mobile as a modem to pc plz

  6. @eliyas Sure Dude.

    Keep Visit My Blog For New Updates...

  7. Am un able 2 download...
    Plz help me.

    1. @ratulya

      Download Is Working Properly!

      Why Download Is Not Working?

  8. nice one dude i will post this in my site but i will give you the credit by putting your blog link there. my site is you have free games and application downloads there plus mobile tutorials

  9. not working in madhiya pradesh gwalior..i am trying to use different tricks but no trick is working

  10. May Be This Trick Is Blocked In Your Area Ankit...