Reliance Free 3G Tricks_New 100% Working Reliance 3G Trick With Proxyfire

Reliance Free 3G Tricks

Hello My Friends!

In This Post I'm Posting A New Working Reliance Free 3G Trick.

This Trick Is 100% Working In Tamilnadu.Recently I've Tested This Tricks.This Reliance Free 3G Trick Is Working In Tamilnadu And Karnataka And Some States.Try This Trick In Your  State.Surely It Will Work 4 u...

It Gives Above 2.5 Mbps In Tamilnadu Circles.But It Gives More Than 3.5 to 4Mbps Some States..


Here Is The Reliance Free 3G Trick:

Just Follow These Simple Steps For Free Reliance 3G,

Step 1:Connect Your Mobile To PC With Apn "rcommms"

Step 2:Then Download ProxyFire From Here

Step 3:Then Open ProxyFire

Step 4:Goto Options => Settings => Add => On There Type

Step 5: Then Type Port As 3178

That's It You're Done,..

Enjoy Free Reliance 3G With Proxyfire...

If This Trick Is Not Working,Leave A Comment Below.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Bhai reliance..0 balance me smartnet/rcommms apn se connect hi ni hota h....bhai 0 balance me conct kase karu help me bro...

  2. Try When Balance Is More Than 50Paise.