New Airtel Gprs Tricks_New Working 2G,3G Sathik Vpn Trick

Sathik Vpn Tricks 2012

Hi Friends!

Today I'm Coming With A New Airtel Sathik Vpn Trick.

This Trick Is Still Working Many States.

Also Disconnection Problems Are Resolved In This Trick.


Here Is The Airtel Free 3G Sathik Vpn Trick:

** First Download Sathik Vpn From HERE

** Then Extract It.

** Run The "APP" In The Extracted Folder As Administrator.

** Then Connect Your Mobile To Pc With Apn ""

** Now Enjoy Highspeed Airtel Gprs On Pc

This Trick Gives Me Rocking Speed.

Also Torrentz Supported And No Registration Required.

Enjoy Unlimited Airtel Free Gprs On Pc.

I Hope That You Will Enjoy This Trick.

If Any Doubts About Airtel Free Sathik VPN Trick Leave A Comment Here...

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. bro not working in CHHATTISGHAR.......PLZ HELP ME WHT CN I DO....CNCT HI NI HO RHA H

    1. @ King

      Airtel Blocked This Trick In Your Area Bro!

  2. we can't download the file from that site..pls upload in some other

    1. @ Rajan

      Hey Bro Its Working Fine!!

      Try One More Time If Not Working I Will Upload It In Mediafire...

  3. hey its a old config file..its was block tamil nadu..

  4. sathik vpn disconnecting problem please solve this problem...

  5. @Bilal

    Server 1 Is Working Fine.If U Have Any Problem With This VPN Try

    This One

  6. not working in maharashtra.....

  7. hi
    i m useing mts modem, first mts connect to internet then sathik vpn connecting this is right worng pls tell me how ?

  8. hi
    first i connect mts to internet then i connect sathik vpn but internet not connect sathik vpn

  9. Sathik Vpn Not Working In MTS Unknown Bro