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Most Awaited Mobile Trick Is Here...

Download Torrent Files With Mobile...

Just Follow These Steps To Download Torrents From Mobile :-

In this trick you can download torrent file using UCWEB browser.


Step 1: First Download UC WEB Browser From Here (or) Download UCWEB Handler Here

Step 2: Get Your Torrent File Or Link From Your Torrent Websites.

Step 3: After Getting Your Torrent Link Or File One In Your UCWEB Browser

Step 4: Click Browse And Upload Your File On Website.

Step 5: Wait For Few Minute. Your Link Or File Is Uploading. If You Found Nothing Is Happening Then Refresh Your Page

Step 6:After Uploading Your File You Will Found Green Button "Ready To Download"

That's It...

Click On Green Button And Enjoy Downloading.

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