Idea 3G Tricks 2012_New Idea 3G Trick Working 100%

Idea New 3G Tricks 2012

New Idea 3G Tricks 2012

On The Last Post Freetrickz Brings You A New Working Airtel Free Gprs Trick March 2012,On This Post Freetrickz Brings Out A New Idea 3G Trick For All Idea Users.This Trick Based On Opera Mini Handler,We Are Going To Use Opera Mini Handler In This Trick For Getting Idea Free 3G.

Simply Follow These Procedure For Idea Free 3G:

Idea 3G Trick 1:

First Download Opera Mini Handler From Here

Then Use "Idea Fresh Settings" As Default

Then Edit The Settings Manually

Apn : imis

Proxy :

Port : 80

Then Run The Handler And Enjoy Idea Free 3G...

Idea 3G Trick 2:

Again We Are Going To Using Opera Mini Handler For This Second Idea 3G Trick

Download Opera Mini Handler From Here

Or From Here

Then Set Idea Default Internet Settings As Default In Your Mobile

Then Scroll Down Set Proxy Type As "HOST" Or "REAL HOST"

Then You Will Set Below URL As Proxy Server (or)

That's It...

I Hope That You're Already Do Above Steps.

You're Free Idea 3G Is Ready Enjoy Free Idea 3G With High Speed.

** Important Try Above Both Tricks With Above 1Rs Balance **

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