Airtel Opera Symbian Version Trick Working Again For March 2012

Airtel S60 Tricks

Hello Friends!

Today I'm Coming With An Airtel Symbian Opera Trick For S60V2,V3 And V5 Mobiles.


Here Is The Airtel Symbian Opera Trick:

First create a manual setting in your phone. with this..

Name- Freetrickz



Port- 80

just save this setting

Now you Have to download a symbian opera from opera mini official site.

Download Opera Symbian Version

and download opera 11.5 symbian version

Now just open symbian opera after installaction and enter url box

Now you see the a proxy page open

just enter your desire site and click go now your site open.

surf and download Freely as you wanta and unlimated like paid gprs.

Note-Free when balance below 10 paisa.

Enjoy Free Airtel Gprs In Symbian Mobiles...

\\Enjoy Free Airtel Gprs Tricks//

Keep Visit Freetrickz For New Updates And Tips...

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