Airtel Gprs Tricks_PD Proxy Again Working For Free Airtel Gprs

Airtel Working PD Proxy Trick

Hello My Friends!

In This I'm Posting The New Airtel Free Working PD Proxy Trick.

In Most Of The States All Airtel Vpn Tricks Are Blocked By Airtel.So,Port 53 Is Blocked And Vpn's Are Not Working Now! What To DO?

Don't Worry Freetrickz Brings You A New Trick To Unblock PD Proxy In Your State.

For Airtel Pd Proxy Trick Follow The Procedure:    MORE DETAILS

If Port 53 Is Blocked In Your Area Then Follow The Steps,

**Change Protocol To "TCP"

**Then Goto Settings And Click On "Show Advanced Settings"

**Then Goto "Proto Option"

**Then Change "TCP Server Port" To "53"

**Then Leave Others As 0(zero)

**Again Come Back And Click "Connect"

Your Airtel Free Gprs Is Ready Now.Your Airtel Free PD Proxy Trick Is Again Working Now.

So Enjoy Airtel Free Gprs Tricks With Freetrickz And PD Proxy.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. hey it is connected in kerala .but not able to use internet.what is the problem?

  2. Hey Afzal!

    First Select "TCP" And Put Udp Server Port 80 Its Working 100% In Tamilnadu Also Working In Kerala