Airtel Free Gprs Tricks_New Working Ucweb 7.2 Trick Feb 2012

Ucweb 7.2 Handler Trick

Hello My Friends!

In This Post I'm Posting A New Airtel Ucweb Handler Trick.

This Trick Is Working In Tamilnadu.Tested By Me.

This Trick Is Working 100% And Highspeed Downloading Is Possible.

This Trick Is Also Working In Both Handler And Default Browser.

To Get Airtel Free Gprs Just Follow The Steps Given Below:

Airtel Free Ucweb 7.2 Handler Trick:

Create A New Profile In Mobile

Account Name: Freetrickz


Port: 80



Then Download UCWEB 7.2 Handler HERE

Airtel Free Gprs Trick For Mobile:

Create A New Profile In Your Mobile

Account Name : Freetrickz


Port: 80



( replace with any url you want )

That's All You're Done!

Your Airtel Gprs is Free Now...Enjoy Airtel Free Gprs

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