Airtel Free Gprs Tricks 2012_Free Gprs Tricks With Facebook

 Airtel Free Gprs Tricks 2012

Some Facebook Tricks For 2012:-

Free Facebook App For Java Mobiles:

Just Type "Facebook" on your Mobile and Send it to 54321 (Toll Free ).

After Sometime You will get Sms Like This

"Enjoy Free Facebook Access on Airtel for 8 months upto october 2012. Click on the link to download the new facebook app for java based Phones and enjoy free Facebook till 24th Oct 2012 ."

Thats It ! Enjoy Free Facebook.

Airtel Free Gprs Trick With Facebook: 

This was the Trick for Free Facebook on Airtel and you can also use this trick for Free Gprs.

First Download any Handler From HERE

Select Proxy Type - "Host" or "Real Host".

Proxy Server - AirtelFB

Enjoy Free Gprs With HighSpeed...

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  1. App download nai hota dnt knw y :/ Thx ny ways

  2. @ Nirvana

    Try Any Proxies To Download From Plunder...

  3. I hv tat fb app already in ma its nt free yaar..!

  4. @ Bavi

    Its Always Free Try With Low Balance Bro.

  5. Bro! Please tell me how to change proxy server and proxy type... Please tel me I'm using Nokia X2-01 phone

  6. @Unknown In Handler Menu Dude...

    If You Wanna Mobile Proxy Settings Leave A Comment Here