Airtel 3G Tricks_ Airtel 3G Sathik VPN 3.0 Working Again With Rocking Speed

Airrtel Sathik VPN Tricks

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Here Is The New Sathik VPN 3.0 Trick:

Its good time to share this trick with you guy. Because SATHIK VPN 3.0 is working again with new servers...
Even though all the VPN’s got banned including SATHIK VPN 2.0, now it released its 3rd version consists of five servers. And its working fine with airtel 3G at zero balance.

This trick is also working in those ares where airtel banned their all tricks

This SATHIK VPN 3.0 is limited to 200 accounts.. For each download, it will give different account… So one download per person is allowed.

SathikVPN 3.0--Official Sathik Vpn Site

Its official website and Follow the steps and download it. Enjoy Free Internet..But it shows a Small survey to complete the download.. It really working for me..

I can’t upload that file because, one account per person is allowed. It won’t allow multiple accounts.

Enjoy Free Gprs With Sathik VPN...Unlimited Free Airtel Internet In Pc.

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