Vodafone Free Gprs Tricks 2012_Vodafone Free Reacharge And 2GB Free Internet

Vodafone Free Gprs Tricks 2012

Hai Friends !


Today I'm Posting A New Vodafone Free Gprs Trick For Free 2 Gb Internet And Free Recharge.

These Two Tricks Are Working In Many State's.Try Them In Your State,If  These Tricks Are Working Leave A Comment...

So,Here Is The Free Vodafone Trick To Get 2Gb Free Internet

Vodafone Free Gprs Trick:

Open Your Message Option->Then Goto Write Messages Then,

Just Type BONUS<space>149
And Send It To 144

After A New Message From Vodafone(144) With Request Of Service Activation.After A Few Hours A Message Will Come.Your Vodafone Free 2Gb Internet Is Free Now.Enjoy Free 2Gb Internet From Vodafone...

Vodafone Free Recharge Trick

This New Trick Is Working 100% In Many States Of India.This Simple Trick Gives You Some Extra Recharge.So,

Here Is The Vodafone Free Recharge Trick:

Buy A New Vodafone 10rs Voucher

Then Scratch It

Then Send An Sms To 144 Like Below:-

RECHARGE<space> Vodafone 10rs Voucher Code Then Send It To 144(toll free)

After That You Will Get 16rs Of Recharge With Your 10rs Vodafone Voucher.That Means 6rs Extra Bonus...

Working Most Of The States In India.

Enjoy Free Extra Recharge From Vodafone.

I Hope U All Enjoy This Vodafone Free 2Gb Internet And Vodafone Free Recharge Tricks!

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Can you plz post free recharge trick for airtel in maharastra....

  2. yes!
    this trick is closed friends!

  3. both 2 tricks are not working in delhi....

  4. 2nd Trick Is Working In Some States

  5. can u post few free tricks for vodafone,andhra pradesh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Sure Santosh!
    Keep Visit My Blog Daily!

  7. All Working Vodafone Tricks Are Blocked.Soon I Will Post New Vodafone Tricks...

  8. i want few free tricks now..,

  9. What Trick Are You Want Ansari?