Reliance Free Caller Tune Tricks 2012_New Trick To Activate Free Reliance Caller Tune

Reliance Free Caller Tune Trick

I'm Posting A New Trick For Activating Reliance Free Caller Tune.

This Trick Is Working And Tested By Me In Tamilnadu.

For Activating Reliance Free Caller Tune Trick,Follow The Steps:

Step 1: Send An Sms "CTUNSUB" To "51234"

Step 2:Then After 4 Hours Send "TRING" To "51234"

Step 3:After 5 Min Send An Sms "NET" To "51234"

Then After Activate Your Caller Tune From Rworld...

Enjoy Free Caller Tune Trick...

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Ashok Kumar

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