New Year Dhamaka Hispeed Airtel Proxy Trick

Airtel Highspeed Proxy Tricks

Hai All Readers!

R U Tired Of Slow Airtel Proxy Tricks?

All Airtel Proxy Tricks Are Giving Error's Or Slow.

Here Is The New Airtel Highspeed Proxy Trick;

This Trick Is Also Working PC Tooooo...

For Mobile:

Just Create A New Settings Like Below:-

*Account Name:Freetrickz



*Port:- 80

*HomePage:- (or)

For PC: 

*Connect Mobile To Pc APN As AIRTELGPRS.COM

*Open Firefox(recommended)

*Goto Options

*Then Goto Advanced Tab

*Select Network Tab

*Goto Settings

*And Choose "Manual Proxy Configuration"

*And Put Proxy:-

*Port:- 80

* (or)

You Are Done Go Surf And Download With Highspeed Airtel Proxy Gprs Trick...

Its Working Fine All Over India.

This Airtel Highspeed proxy Also Resume Supportable....

Enjoy This NewYear With Highspeed Airtel Proxy Tricks...

Comment Here If This Trick Shows Any Error.


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