New Airtel Gprs Tricks 2012_New Highspeed Downloading Airtel Trick With DM Handler

Airtel Big Download Trick

Hai Friends!

Today I'm Posting A New Highspeed Downloading Trick For Airtel.

This Trick Is Using DM Mobile Handler To Download Big Files With Highspeed.

Just Follow These Steps:



Port: 80

Now Open Dm Handler.Put Front Query As Mentioned Below,

Keep All Other Fields Empty...

For Downloading With DM Mobile Handler:
Copy The Download Link.Then Remove "Http://" From The Download Link(important)

It Gave's Me Over 30Kbps.

That's It .Enjoy Free Airtel Gprs And Make Big Downloads With Airtel Free Gprs Tricks.

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. DM HANDLER ...bro is app ko mane nokia 5235 me install kiya nd jab ise open kiya to handler menu aaya usme ok press hi ni ho rha tha

  2. Re-install That App Bro.Then Try It

  3. ..Kar chuka hu...nthng hppng.......dude mod DM for s60v5 phones

  4. May Be This Trick Is Blocked In Your Area.