MTS MBlaze Free Internet Tricks:First Ever MTS MBlaze VPN Trick For Free Internet

Mts Mblaze Vpn Trick

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After All Here Is The Most Ever Wanted Tricks For Free Internet In MTS MBlaze.Before There Is No Way To Get Free Internet On MTS Mblaze.Old Tricks Are Not Working.Old Mts Mblaze Proxies Are Not Working Any More Untill Is Free In MTS MBlaze.So Leave All Other Free Internet Tricks And Mblaze Proxies.

Here Is The New Vpn Trick For MTS Mblaze...

Follow The Procedure For Free Internet On Mts Mblaze:

When Your Internet Is Expired Then,

Step 1.Connect Your Mts Mblaze For Internet Connection.

Step 2.Sign Up For An Account Here

Step 3.Download Your Freedom Client From Here

Step 4.Click "Configure"

Step 4. Click On "Account Information"

Step 5.Enter Your User Name And Password

Step 6.Click On "Proxy Settings"

Step 7.Set Proxy Address As " And Port As 8080"

Step 8.Then "Select Server Configuration"

Step 9.Select "UDP" And Set Tweak As None

Step 10.Then Click On "Wizard"

Step 11.In "Proxy Address" Field Enter to

Step 12.Put "Port As 53"

Step 13.Then Click "Next"

Step 14.An Window Will Appear And Analyzing For Working Servers

Step 15.When Process Is Finished.Your Mts Mblaze Free Internet Is Ready

Step 16.Then "Click Save And Exit"

Step 17.Then Click Ports On The UI

Step 18.Mark "Socks 4/5 And Web Proxy"

Thats It !Your Done.Your First Ever MTS Mblaze Vpn Trick Is Ready For Free Internet.

Step 19.Then Click On "Start Connection"


Step 20.Open Any Browser And Set Proxy As And Port As 8080

Step 21.Connection Will Expire In 60 Minutes.The Click Restart Connection.

Step 22.ENjoy Free Internet On Mts Mblaze...

If Any Doubts Leave A Comment Here.Enjoy Free Internet On Mts Mblaze.Keep Visit My Blog For New Updates...


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  1. speed is very slow.............please give me suggetion for increase my mblaze speed

  2. Soon I Will Update A New Vpn Trick For MTS Mblaze...Keep Visit My Blog Bro

  3. nice bro. But the speed is very slow.

  4. But Still Working Unknown Bro Something Is Better Than Nothing...

  5. how can i get a fast server....this conectio i s tooo slow