Mobile Tricks_Hide Your Files Without Any Software In Nokia X2 Series

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Hai Friends!

Today Im Posting A New Trick For Nokia X2 Series Mobile Phones.

You Can Hide Files With Nokia or Java mobile. I have tried and tested it in Nokia X2-00 mobile. Most importantly, we are not installing any additional software to hide the folders on your mobile. We are just using simple tricks to hide the folders.

Step 1: Select the folder you want to hide. Lets name it as "ABC'.

Step 2: Rename the folder "ABC' as 'ABC.jad'

Step 3: Create a new folder called 'ABC.jar'.

Step 4: Now the folder which you want to hide will be invisible i.e 'ABC.jad'. Only the folder with .jar
extension will be visible i.e 'ABC.jar'.

Step 5: To bring back your folder. Just remove the .jar extension or delete the .jar folder. Now the 'ABC.jad' folder will be visible.

I tried and tested in Nokia X2-00. It works. What I came to know is, this trick works in almost every mobile Nokia/JAVA mobile. Let me know, if you have any queries.

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