Latest Aircel Free Gprs Tricks Jan 2012

Hai All My Friends!

Previously I am Sharing Two New Airtel Highspeed Default Browser Tricks.

After That I Found A New Aircel 3G Trick To Get 250 mb Free Gprs And Rs.50 For Free Video Calling Minutes.Now I am Show You The  Procedures!

Follow These Steps:

* 1.First activate Aircel 3G Service By Dialing *122# and Then Press 7

* 2.Then DeActivate Aircel 3G By Dialing  *122#

* 3.Repeat The Process Once Again Dial *122# Then 7

* 4.After The Successful Activation You Have Received 250 mb Of Gprs Usage And Rs.50 For Free Calling Minutes For 3G.

* 5.Check Your Balance Just Dialing *129#.

* 6.Repeat The Process Many Time To Get More  AIrcel 3G Data And Video Calling Balance.


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