Free Airtel 3G Tricks_Free High Speed Airtel 3G With Opera Mini

Free Airtel 3G Tricks

Hai Friends!

Today I'm Going To Posting A New Airtel 3G Trick With Opera Mini For All Users Who Have An Airtel 3G Sim And A 3G Mobile.

Use Default Mo Settings For Free Airtel 3G.

**Note Balance Must Be Less Then 30/p**

Download Any Opera Handlers.But Opera 6.0 Handler Is Recommended For Good Speed.

After The Download Goto Handler Menu Then,Follow These Steps

1.Primary Server: Leave It Blank

2.Secondary Server:

3.Front Query:

4.Proxy Type: No Proxy

**Keep Proxy Type As No Proxy**

This Airtel 3G Trick Is Working Nice.And Its Working In All Over India...

Try It Yourself.Any Doubts Ask Me Here By Leaving A Comment...

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