Airtel Gprs Tricks_Latest 100% Working Proxy Trick For Mobile Office

Airtel Gprs Tricks 2012

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Hello My Friends!

Today I'm Coming With A New Free Airtel Proxy For Free Gprs And Also For Downloading.

This Airtel Free Proxy Trick Is Working 100% With Good Speed And Resume Supported...

This Airtel Free Proxy Trick Is Working 1000% In Tamilnadu And Also In Delhi.

Try This Free Airtel Proxy Trick,Surely It's Working In All Over India.


Here Is The Airttel Free Proxy Trick:

Create A New Airtel Gprs Profile

Account Name: Freetrickz



Port: 80

HomePage: (or) [recommended]

Try This Airtel Free Proxy,Surely It Will Work...

I Hope You Enjoy This Trick...

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If Any Doubts,Leave A Comment Here...

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. Bed speed koi fast 3g proxy bata yaar

  2. M using nokia 2700c but how to set home page in my phone? Hw can i use dis proxy without hompage? Pls help me

  3. M using nokia 2700c but how to set home page in my phone? Hw can i use dis proxy without hompage? Pls help me

  4. Soon i will post new 3g proxies...
    Keep visit my blog

  5. Hey unknown dude!
    There is no any option to set homepage in nokia phones...
    Use this alternate way to browse...

    Goto music player in nokia
    then click option button
    then you will get option named "more"
    then click it
    after that you will get a menu.on that menu choose "goto address"
    then enter any url you want to browse...;)

    1. Thnky buddy, can u tell how can i browse or download free using operamini' actually airtel blocked all trickz and hacks dnt knw wat 2 do pls help me brother

  6. hey can u give me the settings for an android phone?? plzzzz

  7. My set is nokia 2690. Hw cn i ad Ip adrs & port no.

  8. @ unknown Airtel Opera Mini Tricks Are Working.Try Real Host Handler For Working Gprs

  9. Download Any Opera Mini Handler With Real Host And Use Default Mo Settings.Then Open Handler Menu Put Proxy Type As "Real Host" And Proxy Server As "" It's 100% Working In All State's In India

  10. @ unni Same Procedure Dude.I Mentioned That Above

  11. Dude is trick se ..Ek hid proxy ka ek page khulta h uske bad oha se aage surfing nhi hota h help me..M using n70

  12. Switch Off And On Your Mobile Then Try This Trick.Are You Using As Homepage?