Airtel Gprs Tricks:Airtel Working Free Gprs Tricks 2012

Free Internet Access Using Gprs

Free Internet Access Using Gprs In Airtel.

I'm Coming With A New Airtel Internet Default Browser Trick.

This Trick Is Working Fine.100% Working In All Over India.

Here Is The Airtel Free Internet Trick:

*Make Settings As Default Mobile Office Settings.

*Just Type The URL In Enter Address Bar,

This Proxy Gave Me Over 30-40 Kbps Some times In Default Browser.

100% Working High speed In Tamilnadu.

Surely Its Working In All States.Try It!

There Is An Alternate Trick is Also Free In Airtel...

Try  These Proxy.

But These Are All Gave me Good Speed.but Not Much As


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Ashok Kumar

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