Airtel Free 3G Tricks:Get 4Gb Airtel Free Internet

Airtel Free Internet Tricks

Hai Friends!

Today I'm Posting A New Trick To Get 4Gb Free Airtel Internet.This Tricks Requires No Proxy Or No Vpn For Free Airtel Internet.You Can Get 10 Gb Airte Free Internet Without Any Cost.You Can Browse And Download With Mobile And Also PC.This Is Awesome Ha?

So Here Is The Airtel Free Internet Trick:

* 1.Activate 3G In Your Mobile By Sending 3G To 121.

* 2.After You Will Get A Message With 3G Activation Details From Airtel.

* 3.Then U Will Get A Message With Various Options.

* 4.Choose "1" for 3G Data Plans.

* 5.Then Choose "12" for 2.5Gb or "13" For 4Gb

I Hope You Enjoy This Trick.

If This Airtel Free Internet Trick Dosen't Work For u,Leave A Comment Here...


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Ashok Kumar

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