Airtel Free Gprs Tricks:Airtel Working Vpn Trick 2012

Airtel Free Vpn Trick For Pc

Hai frnz..

Here is the Airtel working VPN trick for PC.

This Airtel Vpn Trick is Working all over India.

And also tested by me.

100% working with good speed Guaranteed...


Here is The Airtel Working Vpn Trick For PC:

Step 1:Download PD PROXY

Step 2:Extract the file

Step 4:Sign up for a new Account

Step 5:After All Run Pd Proxy.exe on the extracted file

Step 6:Enter user name and password.

Step 7:Select Server as:Demo sever and Port as:UDP

Step 8:Goto settings and

Step 9:Goto Advanced settings Tab

Step 10:Set UDP Server as:53

Step 11:Enable parent proxy

Step 12:connect

I Hope You Enjoy This Airtel Working VPN Trick For Pc

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Ashok Kumar

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  1. sir this trick is not working in lucknow.
    plz tell me what to do?

  2. Hey Tafseer Try UPD 9201 It Surely Connect

  3. this trick is working but iam loosing my net balance please help me friends