Idea Gprs Tricks:Free Gprs November 2011



Idea Gprs Trick

New Idea Front Query Trick For Idea Free GPRS in Handler Apps.

Use Idea Fresh Settings
Balance Must Be Below 1R.s

Default Browser Trick 1:-

There Are Three Methods For Free Surfing




Default Browser Trick 2:-

Account Name – idea_fresh
Username – Blank
Password – Blank
Homepage –
Proxy –
Proxy Port – 8080
DataBearer – GPRS/Packetdata
Acces Point Name – imis
Proxy – Enabled/yes
Authentication Type – Normal

New Free Handler Trick:-

You Can use This Trick For All Type Handlers.

For Opera Handler's

Primary Server As:-

Secondary Server As:-socket://

And For Front Query:-

Then Save And Click Ok.

That's It U R Done!

I Hope You Enjoy The Tricks!

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Idea Free Gprs Tricks

Ashok Kumar

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  1. Yaar in sub trick me sirf ek hi mai use kar paya hu.. idea. 100 m.b. *800*79# abi to wo b close ho gaya... baaki koi b sting kam nahi de rahi ,, why,.?

  2. That Trick Is An Offer Bro.So,Its Closed Now Bro.