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Airtel Sms Trick

Hai Friends!

Now I'm Going To Share Two New Tricks To Send Free Sms Anywhere In India.

Here Is The Airtel Free Sms Trick

Just Follow My Steps For The Tricks:-

Free Sms Trick 1:-

Step 1:First Send a Blank sms to 543210 ( Toll Free Number).

Step 2: After Sending Sms wait for 5-6 Minutes .

Step 3:Now you can Send Free sms in Any Number .

Step 4:For Checking your SMS Balance Just Dail *125*5#

Free Sms Trick 2:-

For This Trick Maintain Balance Below 0.50 Paise Or Else Zero Balance!

Step 1:Send Blank SMS to 1909 0r 1900 ( Toll Free Numbers ) .

Step 2:After Some time you will get Reply like Invalid Keywords.

Step 3:Now you can free send sms to any Number

That's All!

Thankyou For Reading My Post!

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Airtel Free Sms Tricks

Ashok Kumar

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  1. hey itz not working now...pls give the new trick...

  2. Sure I Will Post New Trick Keep Visit My Blog @atit