Airtel Gprs Tricks:Diwali SPL Trick



Airtel Gprs Trick

Hai Friends!

This Time I'm Coming With A New Working Airtel Gprs Trick!

Its Working PC And Also With Mobile.

For Mobile Just Create Settind Mentioned Below:

Proxy: Or
Port:80 For Both

For Pc Just Create Settings Like Below:

Step 1:Connect Mobile With The
(use firefox for better experience)

Step 2:For Firefox Goto Tools->Advanced TAb->Network->Settings->Manual Proxy Config.
Step 3:Put Proxy As : Or

Step 4:Port As 80

Step 5:Then Again Go Back To Tools->Option->General Tab->Put Home Page As

For IDM Use Same Proxy Settins For Download With The Speed Of Over 650+Kbps

You Can Also Download With This DOWNLOAD LINK...
(Also Put This Settings&Link With Any Other Download Managers For Highspeed Download)

Enjoy Unlimited With This Trick!

Thanks For Reading This Post Please Comment This Trick Friends.


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Ashok Kumar

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