Mts Tricks:Free Internet On MTS MBlaze(First Time In India)



MTS Mblaze Trick

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In This Post I'm Going To Teach You How To Use MTS Mblaze Free Internet!

Just Follow These Steps:-
Step 1:Connect MTS MBlaze To Your Computer

Step 2:Connect MTS MBlaze

Step 3:Open Yor Browser(use opera 11 and Firefox for fast connection)

Step 4:Goto Internet Options
(for IE-tools->Internet Options->Connections->Settings,
for Firefox -Tools->Options->Options->Advanced->Proxy Settings,
for Opera-Tools->Prefrence->Advanced->Network->Proxy servers)

Step 5:Set Proxy As Or

Step 6:Set Port As 80

Step 7:Set Home Page As or

Step 8:Open Home Page

That's All Now Your Mts Internet Connection Is Totaly Free!
Download Speed With Internet Download Manager Is Over 200Kb/ps
With Your Browser Over 150Kb/ps
Tested By Me 10000% It's Working...

MBlaze Rockz...
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Ashok Kumar

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  1. yarr giv me some proxies for downloading...nt for surfing only...send me a ling on ma mail id....xD

  2. @ sagar

    If This Trick Is Working 4 U Try